Many of our events sell out weeks or even months in advance, please make sure you’re connected to us on Facebook or added to our email list (see footer below to subscribe).


The Waitlist is solely for the purpose of connecting you with racers interested in selling their entry for a specific event.  We will share your contact information with those racers that let us know they are trying to sell their entry, this will be done in the order that waitlist requests are received.

NOTE: Please understand that most people that cannot attend will elect to transfer to the virtual race, less than 1% of the total entries are typically transferred to other people.  For smaller trail races we typically see less than 10 transfers and for larger events we might receive 20 requests.


Our races do NOT sell out because of shirts or medals or other swag. We set a race cap for all our events based on venue space, runner safety and overall experience. Once a race is sold out, we typically cannot add any more racers for any reason… so SIGN UP EARLY!

Wait List Sign Up


  • If your event does not appear on this list, the waitlist is not available. Waitlist options close when transfers close for the event, typically noon on the Monday ahead of the race date.