If your event is SOLD OUT – read this first:

  • Our events sell out because of venue space, parking and overall event quality, not because of medals and shirts.  Every race by 131 Events has a pre-set cap, once we hit that cap, no additional entries will be accepted.
  • Event caps are set with no-show’s in mind, even if people do not show up on race day we will not add more entries.
  • And while we understand everyone has a different reason why they may have missed the cutoff, we simply cannot add more people once the event sells out.
  • And yes, everyone on the course, including kids, must be registered to participate.  The only exception is children under 3 in a stroller (where strollers are allowed)
  • And lastly, please do not come to the race and try and jump in without signing up. Bandits in our events are essentially stealing from the event so we typically have security in place to watch for people not wearing race bibs.
  • So SIGN UP EARLY to save money and guarantee your spot. Bookmark our Event Calendar now!

Before you send us a message, please check out our FAQ, most of your answers can be found very quickly this way.

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